Facebook is now officially the biggest social network in the world, as it has approx 400 million users – that’s more than the entire
population of the United States. Social networks are online virtual communities who share interests and activities. Therefore establishing your brand on these top social media web sites is essential. We provide comprehensive, integrated Facebook campaigns for Business. These campaigns are designed to increase brand awareness, build a fan base and increases your online sales. With facebook its possible to Advertise your brand, product or service, even event; its possible to target individuals based on their location, age, the interest and hobbies, even their marital status. Marketing your business on Facebook can be done by the following methods:

Facebook Advertising

Where businesses can place ads on Facebook and they pay a per-click rate (PPC) or impression (CPM). These adds can be triggered by keywords on a Web page. ( this is called contextual advertising ) IE: If you are a wedding photographer based in Orlando Florida, your ads can be set up to appear only to females between the ages of 20 and 30 in the greater Orlando area with a relationship status set as single or even better engaged, so, therefore, a great target market to promote a wedding service to.

Creating a Facebook Page for your business

We can build a Facebook Page for your business, with an address like www.facebook.com/yourbusinessname  As fans join your page we can create updates on your Facebook business page that will then automatically show up in the News stream on your fans’ homepages. Pages can also be used to notify fans of new events or products or just to drive new prospect sales to your website or online shop by offering exclusive deals to your Facebook Fans only.

Facebook Applications

Creating a good Facebook application is really only the first step in an overall process.  Once created, they also need to be promoted.  We can create viral campaigns that will promote your Facebook applications.

Promoting Events using Facebook

The best part about creating an event on Facebook is the fact that I can go viral and spread across a wide network of people who share an interest that relates to your event.

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