Who we are

Our website address is http://smartseoservices.co.

The principles began during this General Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statement will apply to any personal information you provide to smart SEO services via our websites or under the opposite agreement.

This General Privacy Policy and Disclosure Statement don’t apply to acts and practices of SEO services that relate to the worker records of our current and former employees nor does it relate to SEO services treatment of the privacy of users of a smart Seo Service.

For instance, we may collect personal information about you once you affect us over the phone, send us correspondence (whether by letter, fax or e-mail), visit our network of associated websites (Smart SEO Services) or once you’ve got contact with our face to face.

Our Disclosure Statement

In certain circumstances, we will also collect sensitive information about you (for example if you apply for a foothold with Smart SEO we may seek information on the professional associations you’re aligned with). as an example, we may collect personal information from your friends or associates who provide your information to us so as we’ll send you information about us, recruitment agencies once we try to seek out new staff, from ADMA who provides lists of individuals who don’t wish to receive marketing material, from our Associated Companies, from suppliers of selling databases or from our contractors who may provide us with call center services.

Smart SEO Services collects personal information for subsequent purposes:

  • Send promotion about Smart SEO and our services to prospective members.
  • Prepare and conduct interviews for workers’ placements.
  • For analysis and research purposes (so that we’ll determine whether there’s a marketplace for our services, how we promote those services and therefore the way we’ll improve our services).
  • so on supply goods and/or services requested by you on our Smart SEO Services (including www.smartseoservices.co (excluding the members-only areas).
  • To conduct credit checks of prospective members.

If you’re doing not provide us alongside your personal information, like your contact details, we’d not be able to fulfill the applicable purpose of collection.

  • Our outsourced service providers who provide certain services for us (such as marketing companies who send our promotional information, call centers who make outbound marketing offers for us, our billing services, our providers of IT services).
  • Related body corporate companies of our parent company (Associated Companies) so as that they’ll provide services to you or send you promotional information about our services.
  • Your representative or an individual you direct us to send your personal information to.
  • External companies who participate within the promotion individually, or jointly with us, of competitions or trade promotions on our SEO Services

How we use or disclose your personal information

We don’t disclose personal information we collect to 3rd parties for the requirements of allowing them to direct market their products and services except that we do disclose personal information to our Associated Companies for this purpose. as an example, we engage third party contractors to provide us with call center services, marketing services, billing services, and IT services.

Sharing information within the SEO Groups

Each Smart SEO entity may disclose personal information to other Smart SEO entities that will use and disclose the knowledge only for the aim that it had been originally collected.

Gaining access to the knowledge we hold about you

  • Smart SEO Services will, for the asking, provide you with access to the private information we hold about you unless there’s an exception which applies under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).
  • Smart SEO may recover from you its reasonable cost of providing you with access.
  • This User Privacy Policy also sets out how we affect the confidentiality of protected information.

In this User Privacy Policy:

  • “protected information” is information that relates to the contents or substance of a communication or the affairs or personal particulars of an individual, and
  • “user” could even be either an SEO member or a private who uses a smart SEO Service.
  • We outline our Eight Principles of Privacy, our core commitment to protect your privacy; and
  • We explain how we implement each principle.

Our eight principles are listed below and further described within the rest of this User Privacy Policy:

  • We don’t read your private online Confirmation.
  • We inform you ways we’ll use any information about where you personally continue a wise SEO Service or the online, and once we’ll provide it bent others.
  • We don’t give out your personal information or protected information unless you authorize us to undertake so. we provide you the prospect to correct your personal information held by us.
  • We propose that you simply review a website’s privacy policy before buying any products.
  • We offer you choices about how Smart Seo uses your personal information.

    If at any time, you provide us with personal information about another person (ie a personal – as an example, if you introduce a devotee to Smart SEO) you would like to possess their authority to undertake to so and you suit information that one that we are. All Smart SEO Pvt companies employees are required to acknowledge that they understand and may suit this User Privacy Policy.