Search engine marketing is one of the best practices being employed for internet marketing. More than 85% of internet users use search engines to find out about their requirements. It is therefore imperative that they are used as a tool for internet marketing. There are many search engines that are globally used like Google, AOL, Yahoo, MSN, Reddit, Altavista, etc.

Search engine marketing (SEM) includes the use of search engines so as to promote their product. Search engine promotion and search engine optimization are the two important means of search engine marketing.

search engine marketing

The two main strategies of SEM. There are two main strategies that are employed for Search Engine Marketing. They include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Listing.


  1. Search Engine Optimization:
  • The contents of a website are developed through a few well-knitted keywords and key phrases.
  • The website or the content will appear as soon as those keywords are punched in the search engines.
  • The websites should be ranked higher on search engines in order to get an optimum result.
  • The lower the website is on the search engine, the lower will be its promotion.


  1. Paid listing:
  • These are called sponsored listing or Pay per Click (PPC).
  • The website is listed under the pre-determined keywords in the search engine.
  • Payment is made each time that someone clicks on that listing. This sponsored listing is a mean of aggressive Search Engine Marketing.

Both of these strategies have some merits and demerits. It depends on internet marketing service as to which strategy they wish to adopt.


Merits of Search Engine Optimization

  • This is a good way of internet marketing without a need to spend excessive money on campaigning.
  • As long as the website is keyword-friendly, it will appear on the search engines.
  • This also gives detailed information about the products and the manufacturers.
  • This natural way of listing works well as a long term marketing strategy.


Demerits of the Search Engine Optimization

It gives late results because the task of achieving higher ranking naturally takes a pretty long time.

Merits of Paid Listing

  • Paid listings are easy to set up and put.
  • They don’t need time and are instantly put up which makes the promotion of the product easy and quick.


Demerits of Paid Listing

  • The paid listing always appears as a sponsored link which most of the users never click on.
  • These sponsored listings are expensive as the fee has to be paid for every click even though it may not get converted into sales.



If the website is a newly launched one, then sponsored listing or Pay per Click is a better option for achieving a quick presence on the Search Engines.

This is the best option as a short term strategy. However, it is the Search Engine Optimization that offers a better option for being in website listing for a longer duration.

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